Internet Marketing

Online Marketing

Online Marketing includes promoting a company, individual, website, product or any commercial or non-commercial commodity through Internet. It comprises of doing online promotion through search engines optimization, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, video marketing, viral marketing, specific website listings, articles submissions, press release distribution, web 2.0 / 3.0 platforms (includes blogs, social sites, bookmarking, forums etc.), content syndication, pod casting and other existing or new techniques to approach the Internet users.

The core of online marketing is to expand business and increase revenue through online promotional activities. Online marketing creates both direct and indirect impacts for any brand and business popularity. It can boost the online presence of a website and hence helpful in increasing the sale and revenue of a business. The industry is very competitive, but it is the most challenging now days and changing every passing day. There are various traditional and non-traditional online marketing methods being used for online promotion that can be applied together as per your need.

It is fair enough about considering the name and fame cycle of popular websites (like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, blogger, wordpress etc.). The marketing strategy of all such popular websites been different but the objective was similar (i.e. to make a bond with the users). They applied the standard techniques and worked on innovative ideas to make wonders. The entire thought can be summarized with the bottom line that, it depends on how you reach the end-users. Yes, offline marketing is very important here but running a single boat has the maximum possibility to sail the river, instead of concentrating on two together. When you think of online business only then using various existing methods and applying innovative ideas is what it requires. Rest depends on your objectives and efforts behind it.

Some of the popular benefits of online marketing:

Product and Website Promotion
Business and Individual Branding
Increase in online and offline
Increase in Sales and Revenue
Growth in New and Returning Visitors
Reduced Bounce Rate
Internet Popularity
Development in Online Business
Online Tie-ups & Partners Network
Promotion through Online Partners
Long lasting results

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