Internet Marketing

Online Branding

Online branding is very important for any new or existing business. This is what makes you different from others and have a direct impact on the online and offline business from your product and services. A website is the only medium that helps you visitors to understand about your company, products and services via Internet. But it doesn’t make much difference if it’s not visited by the internet users. The more the visitors coming to your site, the more it helps to build a brand.

It is different how old are you and the cost of your services, but if your business is popular over internet or among niche category then it can earn you a lot. Although being a brand depends on many things but the most important is the quality of your services and customer oriented approach.

Almost all the businesses or professionals offer special services and deals. But what is the benefit if it is accessible to limited people or almost none. Internet has become the first choice of everyone now days. It can attract as many visitors as you want depending on your brand.

All the information is available online. The users knew it and use it. People habitually go to various online places (e.g. Websites, Search Engines, and Directories) before shopping or bargaining a deal. They will search your product when they know you. So make yourself popular as much as you can.

What makes a BRAND identity?

1) Pricing - a component of value; higher prices may signify to consumers higher quality, and lower prices may suggest decreased value.
2) Distribution - availability; limited distribution of a product or service may imply exclusivity to discerning consumers.
3) Quality - which impacts satisfaction; obviously, higher quality will translate to more satisfied customers who come back again and again to purchase your offerings.
4) Presence - prominence in the paid and unpaid media; products or services with a high-profile market presence will lead to brand recognition and increased sales.
5) Awareness - top-of-mind awareness, residual awareness and recognition, which are directly related to presence; the higher your offering's awareness, the better your sales results will be.
6) Reputation - enduring public opinion of brand character, which is built over time and difficult to change once established.
7) Image - perceptions of brand traits or prototypical buyers; often represented by qualities the consumer relates to. Like reputation, image is difficult to change once established.
8) Benefits - consumers may equate certain positive and negative consequences with use of your product or service; these may be warranted or unwarranted.
9) Positioning salience - differentiation from the competition, established by a combination of all elements of the brand.
10) Preference - a predisposition to buy displayed by consumers who are establishing brand loyalty.
11) Share of market - increased market share is a direct result of a successful branding campaign.
12) Customer commitment - loyalty is built through long-term branding and close consumer contact.

What makes an Online Brand?

-Unique and Direct Visitors coming to your website
-The Returning Visitors to your website
-What is the referral traffic of your website
-Are you being searched in Search Engines
-Will they follow you in Social websites
-How many websites linking to you
-Do they discuss about you in various discussion boards online
-Are they writing about in blogs and micro-blogging sites
-Send a press release and see the response you get
-The number of online queries are you getting
-The response of your email marketing campaign
-The feedback and testimonials they write about you

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