Internet Marketing

Offline Marketing

The word contains the meaning of offline Marketing itself. It includes other methods of marketing apart from internet marketing. This industry is very popular since hundreds of years back. Although the methods have changed according to latest technology but the meaning is still same. It comprises of advertisement in newspaper, magazines, hoardings, exhibition shows, and print media (like the Yellow Pages, buses, benches, and billboards), sponsoring something, partnership and so on, there are various new and old methods that have been helpful to reach the target audience.

This is the kind of marketing where everything is done to make a business popular among its fans and consumers, excluding internet marketing efforts. This marketing concept is useful for all commercial and non-commercial businesses and products globally. Offline marketing helps in increasing Brand popularity, Product sale, Revenue generation, Profit Maximization and Covering the gap between providers and consumers and making more more more....

There is so much that is possible in offline marketing but everything need to be properly planned and organized else it may have adverse impacts too.

The difference between Online and Offline Marketing very much depends on the base itself, market penetration, approach to the customer, manpower required, time and expenses, the return on investment, the management information system, products information and measurement.

Pros and Cons of Offline Marketing:

Offline Marketing Pros:

1) Maximum Conversion: It is a proven marketing method that converts with maximum possibility. If you put into practice these proven methods can get tremendous results for you.

2) Multiple Ways: There’s a lot more than one method of offline marketing, so you can easily reach people without access to a computer via different methods. These methods include TV adverts, postal mailing lists, billboard posters and a lot more.

Offline Marketing Cons

1) Costly: The cost of offline marketing can really add up, so it isn’t best for people with small businesses or a small budget to focus purely on this.

2) Time Taking: Offline marketing methods take time to put into place, you can’t get breaking news and expect to be on the television within the hour to let people know. Mailing letters, posters, and radio adverts take time to make and distribute, so you have to do a lot of planning ahead.

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