Internet Marketing

Online Campaigns

A Campaign is a planned, coordinated sales effort on behalf of a specific client or product and run over a period of time. Running an online campaign is important in the context and object of any promotional strategy. It is another important module of online marketing strategy and able to achieve desired results. Apart from Promotional campaigns, Advertisement campaigns, Paid campaign marketing, there could be campaign as per business requirement. It should not be bounded to particular standards of running camaigs. Like a "Registration Campaign" will be targetting relevant users to get register for a website. There could be many others smaller and bigger campaigns which will have positive impact in business.

Online campaigns are usually preferred for Appeals, Reqest and Surveys, important promotional offers, and many such main courses of actions where it direclty reflects the usages, impacts, analysis and promotions of the users. There could be many kind of campaigns like few specific are below from marketing perspective:

-Lead Generation
-Membership Recruitment
-Mass Communication (appeals, request etc.)
-Promotion of products and services
-Email Marketing Campaign
-Viral Marketing Campaign ETC.

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